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5th Grade Art Club leaves gift

Each year our fifth grade art club leaves a “gift” for our school.  

Here is our 2014-2015 club with their work. These paintings will hang at the front of the K-1 hallway! Thank you fifth graders! We will miss you next year!


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Mrs. Swann's class ...saving the manatees. photo

Mrs. Swann's class ...saving the manatees.

Mrs. Swann’s fifth grade class learned about endangered animals during our ecosystems unit. After hearing that a previous class adopted a panda we became motivated to try to adopt another endangered animal.  We researched many different animals using the WWF website.  After choosing to adopt a marine animal we voted between the seahorse, manatee, clownfish and sea turtle.  Our class was very interested in both the seahorse and the manatee.  After much debate we finally settled on the manatee.  The class was divided into four groups in order to create posters, brochures, announcements, and candy grams. Our purpose was to inform others about endangered animals and to help save a precious manatee’s life.  We set a goal of $55 to save a manatee however were hopeful to save both the manatee and seahorse. We are happy to say that this was a success and we have raised enough money to adopt both a manatee and a seahorse.  We appreciate all of the support we received from Stallings Elementary students, staff, and parents.  THANK YOU!


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